August 29, 2015


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 I am new to the racing world and am concerned that I may not be able to complete some of the obstacles. Are all obstacles mandatory? Or, can a person go around (ex: swinging vines/climbing wall)them if they can't accomplish it?
 can a 6y.o. participate with an adult supervion?how much it would cost if yes,and how do i register 6y.o?
 Is there a packet pickup for the 2014 Muds to Suds? Thanks....
 My 14 year old would like to register, but might rather race as an individual than as a team member. Can you only enter as a team member? What determines when you run if you don''''t necessarily run with your teammates?
 last year we were able to pick up our stuff at sports authority. is there going to be a pre race pick up spot this year
 Can I transfer my race entry to another person? If yes, how do I do that?
 How old do I have to be to volunteer?
 Can team members start at different times?
 Can we register as a team or do we have to register individually?
 What is the minimum age to race?

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