Get Muddy on August 29, 2015!

 The Muds to Suds will feature: 22 dirty obstacles
(INCLUDING 8 mud pits, as last year we only had 4) that combine athletic stamina and your child hood fantasy of playing in the mud.  You will need endurance to complete the approximately 2.5 mile course, humility to wallow in the mud and a smile to show off at the finish line!

Get your costume on
and prizes will be given for the most creative ideas.  Also, bring your camera, the obstacles are all spectator friendly, and your family‚Äôs muddy grins might make the perfect Christmas card!
Free massages
After you're worn out, but freshly showered by our homemade showers, get a free 5 minute massage by Massage Envy to sooth those aching muscles.
Families encouraged!
We will offer several different divisions to allow parents to cheer on their children and spouses to cheer on their better half.
Worried about getting muddy? 
There will be showers available at the end of the race for all finishers to utilize. We will also be collecting peoples dirty muddy shoes after the race. Value Village will be collecting, cleaning and providing the shoes to those people that need them.  We encourage everyone to consider this.  The finish line will also feature music, a beer garden (for adults) and root beer garden (for kid's) and several local food vendors.  There will also be changing tents available for participants!
Got Questions? Check our FAQ page to get any other questions answered! If you still have unanswered questions, please contact us at
The first race will start at 9:0am with waves leaving every 15 until 4:45pm.

KIDS ONLY race at 1:20pm each day that will let kids compete against other kids. However, kids can also race in any heat they want as long as they are accompanied by an adult in the race.

All racers get: 
  • Muds to Suds t-shirt
  • Choice of beer or root beer float, from the Beer Garden or Root Beer Garden
  • Bratwurst on a bun supplied by Fred Meyer
  • And most importantly, bragging rights!
Parking on race day will be $2.  The proceeds from this will benefit a local nonprofit!

Are you a PROUD Mudder?
Click the image to download the poster & hang it up at your school, work, or home!